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20 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life TODAY

It's easy to write off self-improvement as something to get around to in the future. But there are plenty of small things you can do each day to make a huge positive impact in your life. Here are 20 things you can start doing immediately to improve your health and happiness.

  • Make your bed. If you're not already someone who makes their bed first thing in the morning, start today. This simple task takes under two minutes and starts your day with a sense of accomplishment and order.
  • Create a consistent morning routine. Whether you like to hit the gym at the crack of dawn or prefer to wake up slowly with coffee and meditation, performing the same set of actions at the start of every day helps keep you grounded and productive.
  • Create a consistent evening routine. Ending your days in the same way offers the same benefits as beginning your days in the same way. Try reading, journaling, or another calming activity just before bed to ensure a great night's sleep.
  • Use time blocking to organize your work schedule. Time blocking involves dedicating specific blocks of time to specific tasks or activities. It's a simple practice that has been shown to increase focus and productivity.
  • Listen to music you love while getting ready. Hearing one of your favorite songs can instantly boost your mood, giving you the burst of positive energy you need to take on whatever the day brings.
  • Wear something you love. Whether it's a favorite sweater, lipstick, necklace, or baseball cap, wearing clothing or accessories you love can make you instantly feel more comfortable, confident, and self-expressive.
  • Practice gratitude journaling. Before you tackle your to-do list, write down at least three things you're grateful for. Use the same notebook each day to gain inspiration when you're feeling down.
  • Use the rule of three to prioritize your to-do list. Each morning, write down the three things you absolutely must do that day - and really, limit yourself to three. Even if you get nothing else done that day, you'll still feel accomplished.
  • Do the hard thing first. Tackle the toughest or most tedious task on your list - yes, that one you've been dreading - first thing. Once you've done that, everything else will feel easy in comparison.
  • Kill the afternoon slump. After your lunch break, perform a quick energizing activity - whether it's listening to an upbeat song, doing a 10-minute yoga video, or taking a walk around the block. You'll return to work refreshed and reinvigorated instead of sluggish.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking water is the simplest solution to many of life's ailments: tiredness, stress, irritability, and more. Keep a full water bottle on your desk to remind yourself to stay hydrated. Try adding a slice of lemon or lime for extra flavor.
  • Learn something new. Use whatever medium you like best - book, blog, podcast, or TED Talk - to tease your brain and broaden your horizons each day.
  • Create or revisit goals. New Year's isn't the only day you can make resolutions. If you're feeling unmotivated or directionless, set a new goal for yourself, or adjust previous goals that have fallen by the wayside.
  • Write a Yes List. Make a list of activities that consistently make you happy - painting, exercising, listening to music - and keep it in an easily visible place. The next time you're stuck in a bad mood, choose one of the activities from your Yes List for an instant turnaround.
  • Talk to someone you love. Take a few minutes every day to connect with a friend or family member. You don't have to call them or see them in person - a quick text message is perfectly sufficient for staying connected and boosting your mood.
  • Spend 10 minutes tidying up. We're not talking about bleaching the bathroom here - just a quick cleaning, decluttering, or other low-effort household task to keep your space organized and jumpstart your productivity.
  • Get outside. You don't need to go for a run, a hike, or even a stroll. Simply spending a few minutes outside and breathing in fresh air can dramatically improve your mood.
  • Move your body. Break up your day with some type of physical activity. A full-body workout at the gym isn't necessary - taking a relaxing walk, performing some simple stretches, or even doing a few jumping jacks can release enough endorphins to keep you energized.
  • Do something for someone else. Studies show that performing acts of kindness for others makes us happier. A simple action like holding the door open or paying a genuine compliment can boost your mood.
  • Work with a staffing recruiter. If you're ready to start a new and improved chapter in life, an expert recruiter can offer great advice and career opportunities. Reach out to our team today to learn more.
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