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AUGUST 2015 from: GPS
Rejecting Job Jumpers? That's just dumb.
In today’s volatile employment market, automatically rejecting job hoppers may cause you to miss out on exceptional hires. Hiring and HR expert Dr. John Sullivan shares 10 reasons to consider frequent job changers -- and how you can keep the best ones from leaving you too soon.
Boosting Productivity: It's as easy as changing a label
Increase your employees' motivation by giving them a greater sense of purpose and ownership. It's not tough or expensive to do -- but it starts with helping them to create the right "identity" in your workplace.
Hiring Challenges Survey
What are the top hiring challenges for 2015? Take part in this confidential survey, and your answers will help form a better understanding of HR/Hiring Challenges, and be shared as a free report within the coming months.
Management Wisdom:

"If you think someone is smart, you'll treat them as smart. If you think someone is a horrible person, you'll treat them accordingly, and when they react like any other person would when being treated unfairly, you nod with confidence in your ability to predict people's character."

To get the most from your employees, help them create workplace identities that elevate them and create positive performance expectations that maximize their potential.


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