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Hired | June 2022

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Criticized at Work? Here's What to Do 


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Seize the Summer (Even If You're Stuck at Work) 

Bring On The Sunshine!

Interview Tip of the Month:

Appear Confident in Your Interview (Even If You're Not!)  

Palms sweaty? Heartbeat racing? You must be in a job interview! Use these tips to project confidence and poise, even when you're freaking out a bit:  

  1. Think positively: You deserve to be there! Before your interview, visualize a great outcome.  

  2. Dress the part: Or dress one notch above what's required.  

  3. Mentally reframe your nervousness: Instead, think of it as excitement or eagerness (both of which are positive – and can, therefore, reduce your anxiety).  

  4. Make eye contact: Keep it natural and steady, taking periodic breaks to avoid intense/prolonged eye contact.  

  5. Limit fidgeting: If you tend to bounce your leg or twirl your hair when you're nervous, gently clasp your hands in your lap and use them to apply a bit of pressure to your knees.  

  6. Use breathing techniques: Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth to slow your heartrate and keep your composure.  

  7. Check your posture: Shoulders back, chest and chin up, hands resting comfortably.   

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