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Sizing Them Up: How to Assess Soft Skills

Today's employers want to hire for soft skills, but finding qualified candidates and retaining talented employees who possess these skills is rarely simple. With the right approach to assess soft skills, you can identify candidates and employees who have the tools to thrive in your organization.

You don't need to be a hiring expert to evaluate soft skills in candidates and employees. Whether you're recruiting or promoting from within, here are five tactics to use:

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Better Meetings, Happier Team

Whether you're the one planning them or the one required to attend, workplace meetings can seem like a giant waste of time. Of course it's important to keep everybody informed, but do you really have to spend two hours on a Thursday morning listening to the long-talker; avoiding the glance of the eye-roller; or getting interrupted as soon as you try to put in your two cents?

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12 Brain Hacks to Unlock Greater Leadership, Innovation, Focus and Creativity

Feel like your brain has gone into hibernation? Wake it up! Unleash untapped mental power (you know it's in there) with these surprisingly simple tricks.

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Employee Request Form

The more details you can provide about an employee request, the greater your chances of receiving qualified applicants. Use this checklist to make sure you've provided your staffing partner with all the important information.

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Exit Interview Form

Formal Exit Interviews can help you uncover the reasons behind employee turnover. It also can protect you if there is an unemployment claim or an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) dispute.

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