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Hired! | February 2023

You Can Do This: The Best Ways to Learn New Job Skills

Thanks to the pandemic and "digital transformation," 58% of today's workforce needs new skills to get their jobs done. Hoooooo, doggie. Don't panic; prepare! Here's how to learn the skills you need (and ultimately, find a great job)!

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Oversharing at Work?
It Could Be Holding You Back

Are you building stronger work relationships by sharing personal stuff on the job...or shooting your career in the foot? Make sure you're not holding yourself back by sharing TMI OTJ.

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Featured Article:

Your Financial Health: How to Keep More Green

Holiday credit card bills have you down? Struggling to build (or rebuild) your emergency fund? You work hard for your money. Here's how to keep more of it!

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Interview Tip of the Month:

Don't Overshare in Your Job Interview

Strike the right balance when it comes to divulging personal information in an interview:

  1. Let the interviewer set the tone. Pay close attention to their formality and word choice. Mirror their tone as the conversation progresses. 
  2. Stick to "cocktail party" details. Some interviewers want to get to know you as a person, but don't give them any more detail than you would give to a person you meet at a party. Keep it light. 
  3. Always take the high road. Even if you are stuck in a miserable work environment, do not speak ill of your current boss or employer.
  4. Keep "failures" professional. When you're asked what your biggest weakness or failure has been, don't bring up the time you cheated on your spouse or the fact that you eat a gallon of ice cream every Friday.

Want to learn new skills? Earn extra cash? GPS has the opportunities you want. What are you waiting for? Apply today! 

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