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Learn what to wear - and what NOT to wear - to make the best impression…and get hired!

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Hired! | August 2023

From Hanger to Hired: Dress for Success to Land the Job

Is that interview outfit smart or schlumpy? Is it right for the employer's workplace culture and the role? Learn what to wear - and what NOT to wear - to make the best impression…and get hired! 

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Be a "Boss Whisperer": Master the Art of Relationship Building at Work

Tired of butting heads? Can’t seem to build a connection? Whether you're seeking a promotion, a raise, or simply a more enjoyable work experience, here's how to build a successful and rewarding relationship with your boss.

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Get off the Hamster Wheel: Conquer Toxic Productivity for a Healthier Work Life

Is that cheery attitude and pressure to perform healthy…or harmful? Learn the warning signs of toxic productivity, safeguard your well-being, and achieve a healthier, balanced work life! 

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Interview Tip of the Month:

3 Uncommon Ways To Stand Out in Your Next Interview

Everyone says they're a "self-starter," a "hard worker," a "team player." Try one of these approaches to distinguish yourself from the pack:

  1. Craft a compelling personal narrative: Instead of solely focusing on professional achievements and qualifications, create a cohesive narrative that demonstrates your journey, values, and personal growth. Use storytelling techniques to engage the interviewer and highlight your soft skills within the context of your experiences.

  2. Emphasize your cultural competence: With an increasingly diverse workforce, cultural competence is crucial. Discuss experiences where you've effectively collaborated with individuals from different backgrounds, demonstrated respect for diverse perspectives, or adapted to unfamiliar cultural contexts. Showcase your ability to thrive in multicultural environments and contribute to inclusive workspaces.

  3. Showcase your continuous learning mindset: In a rapidly evolving job market, employers seek candidates who are eager to learn and adapt. Highlight your commitment to personal and professional growth by discussing relevant certifications, courses, or workshops you've completed. Additionally, mention any instances where you've independently acquired new skills or knowledge to enhance your abilities.

Remember, incorporating these tips into your interview preparation is essential, but authenticity is key. Highlight your genuine strengths and experiences while adapting them to fit the job requirements!

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