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Hired! - November 2023
Learn how to own your upskilling and truly future-proof your career!

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Hired! | November 2023

Featured Article:

Future-Proof Your Career: Own Your Upskilling in 2024

With work changing more rapidly than ever, improving your skills - and adding new ones - is more important than ever. Learn how to own your upskilling and truly future-proof your career.

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Supercharge Your Productivity (Tips That ACTUALLY WORK!)

Would you invest 5 minutes to reclaim hours of wasted time each week? What are you waiting for?! Get reading ->

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Live Better - 30 Frugal Gift Ideas To Show You Appreciate Someone

Hey - just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't find a great gift to express your gratitude this holiday season! Spark inspiration here!

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Interview Tip of the Month:

How to Answer "Tell Me About Your Skills in [X]" When You Don't Have Those Exact Skills

  1. Transferable Skills: Identify transferable skills from other areas that can be beneficial in the role. Demonstrate how these skills can contribute effectively.

  2. Relevance: Focus on skills related to the job description. Emphasize how your experience aligns with the role's requirements.

  3.  Strengths Match: Highlight a strength that you genuinely possess and is relevant to the job. Provide examples that showcase its application.

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